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COVID Weddings

9th December 2022

Planning your wedding is one of the most exciting things you will do in your life, it can also be stressful at times. We now have the added worry of restrictions and lockdowns due to the coronavirus and the outbreaks that spark snap lockdowns. Considerations need to be made when putting your plans together.

So, what is the best approach when planning for your wedding during times of uncertainty?

First and foremost, it is about remembering what and who the wedding is for – it is about legalising the union and commitment of couples in front of witnesses. This is a special day and one that most couples wish to share with family and friends and the numbers vary from small to large.


The restrictions that coronavirus outbreaks enforce makes it challenging to know who to invite as the numbers of how many can gather vary from 10 to 100 depending on the restrictions and location of where you are holding your wedding.

Micro Weddings

To be legally married you are required to have two witnesses in attendance so think about who you want as your witnesses. Some couples choose to elope, so they may have the photographer and videographer as their witnesses. Other couples are now opting for small intimate micro weddings in a beautiful setting with elegant decorations and floral arrangement, live streaming their ceremony then holding a party for extended family and friends at a later date.

Other couples are moving their wedding venues to an outdoor setting to make complying with social distancing easier and safer for guests. 

Your day is special

Regardless of what style of wedding you have or the number of guests attending your day will be special.

Brides wear the beautiful dress or suit you have always dreamed.

Grooms wear the suit you will feel and look great in, whether it is a formal tuxedo style, classic 2- or 3-piece suit or a more casual suit, an appointment with one of our professional clothiers will help to guide you to decide on the best style for you, your wedding theme and venue.

A Wil Valor bespoke suit is made to last a lifetime.

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