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Collaboration with Artist Robert Henderson

8th February 2021

Wil Valor Bespoke Suits has recently announced a collaboration with New South Wales born, Queensland based Australian Aboriginal Painter Robert Henderson. This collaboration brings together two very different forms of art, fashion and visual art, to create something truly unique and special.

Wil Valor Bespoke Suits is known for their custom-made, high-quality suits that are designed to fit each client's individual body shape and style preferences. Their attention to detail and use of the finest materials have made them a popular choice for discerning customers who appreciate the art of tailoring.

Robert Henderson only started painting a few years ago but is already an established artist. For him it is an expression of the spiritual connection with his and other First Nations Peoples. While he concentrates mostly on landscapes, they are not without political commentary and controversy. For him painting landscapes are a very emotional process and he believes that he has a responsibility to represent culture and social issues in his work.

This collaboration between Wil Valor Bespoke Suits and Robert Henderson is a celebration of the art of craftsmanship and the pursuit of excellence in both fashion and visual art.

Visit for more of Hendersons' work.

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