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Button Cuff Vs Double Cuff

By Mark Ferguson

GQ recently noted cufflinks at work is unfashionable, an 80’s hangover and the button cuff is now fashionable. This is a revelation for some men as wearing cufflinks helps them feel more fashionable and distinguished. The button cuff is traditionally the working man cuff as it is easy to fold up to get your hands dirty. Also popular because it’s quick and easy to fasten, it is light weight (no doubling of fabric like the double cuff) and is easier to use at a computer. I have seen the style’s acceptance increase in the distinguished work environment over the past year. To ensure you use the cuff correctly:

  • The cuff must be well fitted. Generally only ½ inch allowance 
  • Tailored cuffs with one cuff to accommodate your watch.  
  • Ensure 1cm to ½ inch of the cuff is showing under your jacket sleeve 

There are 3 common styles of button cuff, Rounded, Square and Corner Cut-Away. My preference is the Corner Cutaway as I like the sharp lines which is closely followed by the Round cuff. 

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