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Beach Weddings

2nd January 2021

Spring and Summer are perfect seasons for a beach wedding as the days are usually sunshine filled. It can also mean hot and humid temperatures so you want to remain cool and comfortable while also looking unique and stylish on your big day.

Fabric and Colour
For a morning or afternoon wedding you still need to be dressed elegantly but also dressed for your outdoor setting. A black suit is definitely out of place on the beach. So think of lightweight fabrics and soft colours. The best fabric for remaining cool and crease-free is fine-quality, lightweight wool. Another perfect choice for casual wedding attire is linen. Now available in crease-free varieties, linen is a smart choice and will keep you looking cool and relaxed. Cotton or cotton blends are also a good choice for breathable and comfortable fabrics.

Keep colours light for a beach wedding suit and go for shades that look cool and classy. Popular beach wedding colours are tans, beige, light browns and light greys. White and ivory suit options may be considered for a beach wedding and subdued blues are making a comeback on the wedding scene.
A white or ivory dress shirt is always a classic choice but spring/summer is the perfect time to experiment with cool colours in blues, greens, pinks and yellows. A tie is not a necessity however if you do opt for one use the same cool colouring for the perfect accent.

A more casual and relaxed wedding does not mean you have to sacrifice style. As the groom, your suit and attire should be on the dressy side. Peak lapels and French cuffs will help maintain an air of elegance. Single-breasted one or two-button suits are a classic selection or a pant and vest combination will also help you look smart and keep you cool and comfortable. If you decide on a vest ensure it has a full back and sits just below your pant waistband. With a suit, your jacket should be comfortable and not restrict your movements. You will receive many hugs and shake many hands during the day so you need to be able to move freely and comfortably. Above all make sure the suit or outfit fits you perfectly. Whether you opt for bespoke or off the rack you want to look your very best. 

General Rules
• Formalwear and black tie is meant to be worn after dark. 
• Stick with sunglasses that are as classic as your attire.
• Good brown leather loafers or sandals are acceptable for the beach or casual weddings. Make sure they’re appropriate, meaning classic and simple.

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