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3 Wedding Misconceptions

By Mark Ferguson

  1. White is not the only appropriate wedding shirt colour. If the bride's dress is Ivory, the groom should wear an off-white wedding shirt as with a brides dress will look cream with a white shirt next to her. Some other popular choices are soft pink and blue.
  2. The Grooms and Groomsmen shoes have to be exactly the same colour and style. The groom's shoes can be different from the groomsmen. Also, the groomsmen don't have to have the exact same shoe, as long as the shoes are somewhat similar in colour. When you look back at the photos no one notices the shoes.
  3. Brides and grooms over estimate the difficulty of getting exactly what they want. A common comment we get at the end a consultation is how easy it was to get the exact wedding suit they wanted. Going to someone with a lot of experience helps as we understand what you want. We also have 3000 fabrics so any colours or fabrics are easily accommodated.

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