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Your Tie Is Your Calling Card

By Mark Ferguson

For many in the business world, the tie is the one clothing item in which splashes of bright colour and unique patterns are allowed. In a sea of navy and charcoal-coloured suits, the neck tie can’t help but be one of the most important differentiators in a man’s wardrobe. Below we’ve discussed a few tidbits about tie colours that will make sure the attention you’re getting is for all the right reasons.

Naturally, red is one of the most popular tie choices among men in the office setting. This colour is known as “the power tie” and is the preference among high-ranking managers and CEOs. However, a red tie can sometimes lose its effect because of its popularity. Simply put, there’s no contrast if everyone in the room is wearing the same colour. However, if the goal is to be a little different but still harness the passion and tenacity of red, then purple may be an option for the professional who’s brave enough to try. Purple is sometimes associated with spirituality, so visionary-type leaders may consider this hue. Both red and purple go well with the traditional navy power suit.

Light blue and pink are great choices in the summer months for just about anyone in the office. They can also be valuable tools for sales people who want to evoke positive emotions in customers. Account managers and customer service representatives who may have frequent contact with difficult customers might try one of these colours. Thereason? Pink has a calming effect, while blue can build trust. Both are great for relationship building or de-escalating a situation.

As the colour of prosperity, wearing a green tie can be a great way to signal your knack for making and managing money. The colour also signifies prestige. Therefore, it’s another good choice for managers. It’s also an option to be considered for young “up and comers” who want to be taken a little more seriously around the office. Aside from its association with money, green is also very popular due its flexibility.

The final colour we’re reviewing is yellow. Many in men in a business setting overlook this tone, but it’s actually one of the most powerful available. Wearing a yellow tie can make others view you as alert and confident. It also conveys a sense of optimism. All of these associations will let others know that you are on top of your game. And don’t forget that you can choose from many shades of yellow. For example, lighter versions are especially pleasing to the eye in warmer months.

In closing, keep in mind that your tie is almost as important as your suit’s cut and colour. The smart dresser is wise to choose carefully before tying the knot each morning.

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