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Winter Style

There’s no doubt many of us can struggle with a change of season. Do you have a bespoke winter wardrobe to keep you warm?

The Spring and Summer wardrobe doesn't quite work, the fabrics and construction is a little light to keep you warm and the fabrics just don't feel great in the cooler months.

To ensure you are covered, consider the following:

- Lined jackets, they do keep your body warmth in compared to an unstructured jacket.

- gr 270 wools, just slightly heavier than your 'standard' 'suit, this fabric can be worn for about 6 months of the year. 

- gr 310 wools, this weight is flannel, the wear is generally limited to the winter months but once you have a flannel suit, jacket or trouser you look forward to winter.

- Cashmere overcoat or jacket, this fabric is so luxurious and beautiful to wear,it is ultimate jacket to keep you warm.

- Layer, combine a turtleneck sweater with a scarf will keep you warm and stylish.

- Use Winter Accessories, wool ties and pocket handkerchiefs, leather gloves and cashmere scarves. 

- Use rich colours like burgundy, deep browns and greens.

- Use textures, there is no such thing as too much texture 

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