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Winter Racing Suits

With the Autumn/Winter Racing Carnivals upon us it is time to consider what is stylish this year... 

I wouldn’t normally suggest following trends but you should be aware of them and adapt them to your style.

  • Green suits are cool - You will see a variety of shades including olive, dark olive and forrest green. Be careful as every shade is not for everyone.
  • Sports Jackets and odd trouser - Traditionally a suit was an absolute necessity but not anymore. Separates are so popular, we are creating a lot more sports jackets because of their versatility and wearability.
  • Odd Vest – A 3 piece is a sophisticated racing look. To make it a little more interesting mix up the vest with a complimenting colour.
  • Texture – It is impossible to have too much texture at the moment. When combining texture ensure the scale is different.
  • For those a little more adventuress and the right complexion look at the colour rust.

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