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Why Put On A Jacket

By Mark Ferguson

Ever wished you had a great physique, probably inches taller or a pronounced chest and a trimmer midsection? Sure you did, every man definitely would like to have a masculine look. The good news is, this can be done within a second by putting on that perfectly fitted jacket.

Jacket is one of the classical wardrobe pieces that's has adopted and evolved thru generations. From a staple outdoor wear, suit jackets have become an important part of the professional world. For decades, it has been reinforcing favorable impression adding to a male body's attractiveness, and the truth is, people gravitate to someone or to a group of individuals that signals life, respect, success and stability. Somehow there is a substantial connection between masculinity and body attractiveness with favorable male qualities, that women and the thriving business world needs.

But really, how can a tailored suit jacket, sports jacket or even a blazer change the way people perceive an individual? How does a jacket make a difference?

Height and body mass has a strong correlation with male body attractiveness and a tailored jacket that builds the shoulders gives an increased perception that you are taller, and that you have a balanced posture. Color and pattern of your suit jacket also influence the eyes to go up and down, creating the height illusion. If you're a short and chunky guy, wearing pinstripe or chalk striped jackets and black-to-grey toned suit will give the illusion of an added height.

Women prefer men whose torso has an ‘inverted triangle’ shape - which basically means a broad shoulders and chest, and a narrow waist. This is a shape consistent with physical strength and muscle development in the upper body. By wearing a jacket, you have an additional inch and a half on your shoulder which makes it look broader without going over the top. Look for a fitted jacket that cuts slim on the torso or a peaked lapel to highlight that inverted T silhouette. A tailored jacket shows noticeable difference between the shoulders, chest and waist.

Jackets help you make look more proportional. The right jacket material and make can help you look thinner or taller or masculine. Suit jacket raises our perceived waistline, instead of cutting the body to half it gives you a top third and bottom two-third ratio. Tall skinny guy can go with check fabrics, tweeds or heavily patterned odd jackets, as the material adds substance to your body and the outline of the fabric makes you look more bulky and masculine.

One of the easiest ways to take charge of your look is by your clothing and appearance. Taking the time to improve your over-all appearance can be as easy as putting on a tailored jacket.

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