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The new trend in weddings is in fact to break the trends.

The crazy time of covid has made couples who are tying the knot consider what is most important to them. Why they are getting married in the first place. This new generation of brides and grooms are steering away from the traditional expectations of their day such as the throwing of the bouquet, the traditional wedding gown, the huge wedding list, but are opting more for an intimate, more meaningful approach.
The wedding list may be getting smaller, however, the checklists of a wedding are getting more detailed and refined. Brides for instance are choosing more unique gowns. We are seeing blush pink fabrics, gold sequin, and silvers while the grooms are going for unique tweeds, linens, and velvets. 
More money is being spent on other aspects of the day such as the floral arrangements and destination venue. Having a weekend wedding where guests can enjoy a few days away is only getting more popular. It’s a win-win for all involved and we are probably in need of a getaway.
There is a promising year ahead for weddings and just as everything around us is needing a sense of adaptation and weddings are no exception. The silver lining is that the wedding is more about the couple, instead of the day itself.
Attention to personal vows, having a non-even and mixed-sex wedding party, having the mother walk down the aisle and the grandmother as a flower girl is just to name a few.
The changes are endless, for example live-streaming for those who cannot attend. But the class and chic of a wedding day are always present.
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Wil Valor

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