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Wedding Suit Ideas for Spring: Thinking beyond black Suits

By Mark Ferguson

Spring is the ideal season for wedding, there is something very inspirational and romantic about it.  Spring weddings almost has everything perfectly tailored for the occasion - nice ambient weather, vibrant and lively atmosphere, blue skies and sunshine, delicate spring blossoms and fresh breeze.  Spring brides embrace the season with ultra-feminine, romantic gowns.    

One of grooms hurdle aside from the wedding planning and jitters is his attire.  It’s one big challenge and question for most of the men - how to put the right outfit for their wedding.  Most of the time, they leave this to be decided by their bride.  But here are some tips to bring a spring wedding suit tailored exactly for you and your big day.   

Suit is a cornerstone in men's wedding fashion.  Choose a style and color depending on the time of the wedding.  For day weddings, you and your groomsmen can also embrace spring by choosing something other than traditional black suits. Grooms can look beyond the classic black suits and opt for softer shades on light weight fabrics.  If you want comfort without losing style, crisp linen or cotton suit is a favorite choice.  For more classic and dressier style, blue and grey suits are perfect options.  

Add color to your ensemble.  Your wedding suit doesn't need to be stiff.  Don't be afraid to play with spring colors - be a man and try colorful tie and succulent boutonniere.  You can also accentuate your wedding attire by using paisley or floral patterns for your vest, bow or tie, you can even be quirky and different by choosing funky socks color.  Not only would it be great pictorial subjects but sure it’s something your bride will adore. 

Regardless of your weight or height make sure your wedding suit work for your shape.  Not only should it be tailored with the occasion but most importantly it should be perfectly tailored for you.  Make sure you are comfortable working around greeting guests and moving from the wedding aisle, dance floor, guest tables and off to your wedding limo. 

Take the initiative and be more involved in choosing your wedding attire rather than just leaving it up to your bride. If you're looking for a tailored wedding suit in Sydney or weddings suits in Gold Coast, our Style Advisors travel across the country to provide the impeccable tailored suits in Australia.  Wil Valor offer expert advice on colour, patterns and style coordination for your wedding ensemble.  

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