Wedding Suit Master Class

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We love to share our experience. We hold Wedding Suit Master Classes so bride and grooms understand the options available to them. We discuss the following: 

- The difference between Hire, Off the Rack, Made-to-measure & Bespoke 
- When is the right time to go suit shopping 
- What you need to know before you go suit shopping 
- Don't want a suit, no problem. We can advise on alternatives. 
- When is a bow tie appropriate 
- What do the different Dress Codes Mean 
- What are the different level of dress and what is appropriate for your wedding 
- Who Pays? How to work out if and what your groomsmen contribute. 
- The current colour and Style Trends. 
- What is the perfect Fit.  

It is an informative evening, bring your partner and/or Best Man. 


Ready to look great & feel great?

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