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Wear a Hat

By Mark Ferguson

When suggesting a hat to client as the perfect accessory for Spring Racing, the most common comment I hear 'I don't think I can wear a hat'.

The real reason is they dont know how to wear a hat or which hat to wear. Let’s be clear, everyone can wear a hat. For those open to wearing a hat this Spring Carnival keep the following in mind:

  • Brims are getting better, gentlemen have been wearing the Trilby but now the trend is towards a Fedora. The wider brim works well with the wider lapel suits we are currently seeing.
  • 2 tone hats are popular. This is where the band is a different colour to the remainder of the hat. The Band is usually darker in colour
  • Remember to ensure the hat complements the shoes, not the suit.
  • Accessorising with feathers to complement ties and/or pocket handkerchiefs is the way to go.
  • For the more casual outfit choose look at a Peaky Blinder Cap in a summer weight tweed.
  • Men can wear felt all year round and should as this looks a lot more sophisticated. Leave the straw for more casual occasions.

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