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Waterproof Suit

By Tony Strugar

As busy professionals, you need a suit that not only makes you look sophisticated and successful, but as you’re always either outdoors, in air-conditioning, or jumping in and out of your vehicle, you also need a suit that is durable and withstands the elements.

Your wish has been granted. 

Cerruti has delivered a garment that is..

Waterproof, Crease Resistant & Stain Resistant.

Yes, I just said Waterproof..

Comprising of fibre selected from thousands of fabric batches in Queensland, Australia, and with its unique fabric construction, Cerruti’s iTravel Range has been carefully created to deliver a garment suitable for any unexpected surprises in the dynamic life of a traveller. 

It is waterproof and stain resistant, has a constant resistance to creases, along with being suitable for wear in air-conditioned environments with perfect breathability.

The iTravel Range is equipped with check, pin-stripped, solid and textured patterns, satisfying all fashion styles and preferences.

To book an appointment to see the Cerruti range of waterproof fabrics, send us an email to or call 1300 309 272.

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