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Vests - How to wear them

By Mark Ferguson

Classic Style 
Worn with a suit and tie combination with only the top button showing above the jacket lapel. The vest should be long enough to cover your trouser waistband with the vest points stopping before your hip bone. This is a careful balance as you are not supposed to show any shirt or belt buckle. The bottom button is designed to be left undone.

Modern Trends

Usually worn shorter and on more casual occasions, most of time without the jacket in toe. Wearing the vest short shows off which belt buckle you are wearing so ensure it presents well or don’t wear it at all. A tapered fit is popular but be careful, it is not supposed to be a corset. Both single and double breasted options work well. I encourage you to be creative by mixing up the lapels and pocket types.

Do not
- wear with the shirt un-tucked
- wear it too short
- wear it too tight
- leave the bottom button closed unless it shows too much shirt

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