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Velvet Suit

By Mark Ferguson

Velvet Jacket are they In?

A gentleman will take care that his clothes are of the best quality, well-made and suitable to his rank and position.

— Prince Albert

Velvet is a luxurious, lustre fabric with history that dates back thousands of years. It͛s a highly prized textile, associated with nobility that symbolizes wealth, power and prestige - exclusively enjoyed by the bourgeois and elite. But thanks to modern manufacturing methods, the once reserved fabric is available at reasonable price for different common use.

Velvet is a pile weaved that created loops during weaving process, the loops are cut giving the fabric its distinct, covetable soft texture. It can be made of different fabric but the most expensive and traditional is the Silk Velvet. Known for its elegance, soft drape and shimmering surface –it͛s best for men͛s evening wear. The most common velvet also great for men͛s suits is the Velveteen or Cotton Velvet, compared to the silk velvet it has softer sheen and is less shinier. Although less luxurious, it͛s the sturdiest and most durable, something to keep for a long time.

The modern gentlemen, is multi faceted and there is a need for him to be recognized and regarded both in his workplace and the social functions that he belongs to. Quoting Prince Albert, ͚A gentleman will take care that his clothes are the best quality, well-made and suitable to his rank and position͛. Men make a statement based on what they outwardly display. And, finding a suitable style for his different activities sometimes is a challenge. There is little distinction between men͛s work wear and evening wear. Velvet Jacket is one of those distinctions that offer the most versatility.

Because of velvet͛s rich and effortless appeal it͛s great for formal evening wear creating a strong men͛s look this winter. With more runway designers adoring this elegant textured fabric, contemporary crop came up with more casual feel, like after-five cocktail party blazer more than evening formal suit.

Rich shaded velvet jacket is the most conservative color choice. For evening formal affairs, midnight blue and black velvet jacket looks best with shawl or high peak lapel, creating a classic polished look. Single breast jacket with step lapel looks great in platinum grey, plum, deep brown velvet paired with dark jeans for more casual wear.

Velvet is tough cloth to work with. It͛s a spectacular, stand-out piece when perfectly cut and made but it can be spectacularly bad if poorly executed. Wil Valor is recognized for addressing modern men͛s need for bespoke quality and design in jacket and suits – guarantees perfect fit, expertly made and luxurious velvet jacket the will represent your individual style.

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