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To pocket or not to pocket...

The real reason to wear a pocket handkerchief is to look good, that’s it. It’s there to elevate your look above boring and ordinary, because a jacket without a pocket hank looks naked. 

There are many ways to place a pocket hank, but you really only need to worry about two. 

 The first is the crisp pocket square, which is usually worn in a complimentary cotton to your shirt. Ensure the cotton is showing about 1cm and is straight. 

The second is the plume, which works particularly well for silk. Grab the middle of the hank to let the fabric drop, then fold the bottom in half to create volume, before placing it in the pocket. Show about 3-5cm of the silk and let it fill the pocket. Don’t spend too much time playing with it as it’s not meant to be perfect. 

Always remember to keep the level of formality consistent with your outfit, and to let your pocket hank show your personality. 

General Tips

  • You need to fill the pocket and create volume so the pocket hank stays in place.
  • Use a fabric that compliments the shirt, suit and/or tie. 
  • Silk is more formal than cotton or linen.
  • Don’t wear white silk, it doesn’t look particularity sharp.

We have beautiful new pocket hanks for Melbourne Cup and Spring. Get in touch. 

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