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Time to Evolve

Hopefully by now you have de cluttered your wardrobe, have complete clarity on which pieces are your favourites, their estimated life span and you now know the gaps you need to fill.

So what’s next?

It's time to give some serious consideration to your style for 2019.

Will you stick with the same direction or are you going to evolve?

In business it’s often quoted... if you don’t evolve you die. Can the same be said for your style, can your style die?

Maybe not, but your style can become irrelevant and boring. Your personal brand is more than your knowledge or expertise, your presentation is very much part of how people view you. Clients, associates and friends might expect you to wear a certain colour, pattern or have an particular aesthetic. Change it up, evolve and get some energy and excitement into your wardrobe. If you don''t feel a million dollars every time you put the suit, shirt or jacket on then it is not doing its job. 

Make an appointment with us to discuss how to evolve. It doesn't mean a drastic change but subtle changes make the world of difference.

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