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There is nothing quite like the feeling of velvet

By Mark Ferguson

The passive observer can sense the richness and depth of colour that only velvet can portray, the "hug" takes velvet into rarefied air, the sense of touching this fabric is something else, one for the tactile.

We love the time of year, the cooler evening. the opportunity to layer, and most of all, sliding into a beautifully handcrafted velvet masterpiece.

Velvet doesn't just feel good, it looks great. This premium cloth is revered for its elegance, class and the sophistication it brings to an ensemble.

Paired back with an open neck crisp white shirt and your favorite jeans, this is smart casual at its finest.

Do you have an event to attend? Velvet can be styled for blacktie with tuxedo trousers and a dinner shirt that is sure to elevate your look and Interactions.

Black tie weddings are extremely popular right now, at Wil Valor we believe velvet adds an extra layer of elegance for your special day.

"Velvet, feel the difference."

View the wide range of velvet from Dormueil, Lora Piana and Scabal.

Until soon,

Mark Founder of Wil Valor

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