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The Loafer

Exude cool, casual confidence this summer. Loafers are the shoes for the occasion. Think rooftop parties and outdoor events. Your wardrobe will be a breeze slipping into your favourite pair this summer. Maintain the balance between style and comfort and give your wardrobe a refresh. Pairing your chinos or linen shorts with a pair of loafers will embody everything day time cool. Although commonly viewed as a more casual shoe- the loafer (chosen correctly) can be worn with formal attire too. The suede loafer is for your summer occasions whereas you can find a high gloss, sleek leather pair to wear at your more formal occasions. The long debate over socks or no socks is still a pending question. Socks and loafers are like suits and pocket hanks. The can finish off the outfit. However no socks and loafers is heavily on trend and paired with chinos and accepting weather conditions, it's definitely a statement look. Whatever your plans this summer- you can't go wrong with a pair of loafers.

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