The Label

Our Role:

To enhance a man's path.


Our clients are:

-          The business man who needs to look great and feel great for important business meetings.

-          The Groom who needs to look stylish & feel amazing on a very important day.

-          The entrepreneur or fashionista who needs to be on the cutting edge of style.

-          The man who desires a high level of service & product.


What you need to know about us:

We never settle – we ensure fit, style, colour and service is of the highest standard.

We are persistent - we always follow up and achieve what is necessary

We are honest - We will provide style and fit advice in a manner which guides you to the best outcome.

We are trustworthy - highly trained with extensive experience & passionate about bespoke menswear

We know our clients - We develop a deep understanding of your needs and desired outcomes.

We care - about the product we deliver, our service,  your satisfaction and what your friends and family think of the garments we delivered.

Once you are a client we consider you an ambassador.


Ready to look great & feel great?

Book an appointment now to get the perfect fit. Consultations are free. Meet our highly trained and experienced clothiers for an amazing experience. 

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