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The Hawaiian Shirt

By Mark Ferguson

The Hawaiian shirt is held by no boundaries. This new floral phenomenon is perhaps a modern day adaptation of the vintage floral shirting trend. Fresh eyes are taking on these floral prints and adapting them to the modern man's daily style. Hawaiian and floral prints are becoming increasingly popular with tailored pieces as a way to convey a bold, statement look that still remains relaxed with a sporty-luxe vibe.   

The modern day man isn't tied down by any fashion constraints which make it easier for him to explore new fashion roads. Adding  pops of colour and prints into the wardrobe has become exceedingly on trend. The Hawaiian shirt is an effortless statement piece that one can't help but to feel free and youthful in.  

The movements of this trend over time have come a long way from the stages of an over sized Hawaiian shirt matched with shorts and thongs. These now tailored and high end versions are touching new fashion corners and reinventing old looks. As it seems that fashion recycles itself over time, it has never been a better time to start reinventing or adding some floral to your own personal style.  

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