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Men's Wardrobe Audit

Over time we spend a lot of money on clothes that don’t suit our lifestyle, body type, personality nor coordinate with the rest of our wardrobe.  We are all guilty of buying things we don’t need, claiming to eventually put them to use. 

Each wardrobe has plenty of ill-fitting, outdated items that are simply cluttering up your wardrobe.  It’s time to make the change.  Understanding your wardrobes potential will provide clarity and enable you to be and feel more organised. 
This Service is Complimentary 
The wardrobe auditing service will declutter and de-stress your life. Organising your wardrobe will ease the morning rush, provide you with confidence, and save you from buying the wrong clothes. With our assistance, you will uncover and revive items, gain knowledge of mixing new and current pieces to provide a variety of options. 

Our expert style consultants will provide you with the proper knowledge of what clothes work best for you, outline what is suitable corporate, casual and occasion wear, including the correct colours, style and fit.  You will also receive advice on staple items needed to complete your wardrobe. 
We can do after hours or on weekends.  We will work around your schedule. 


Look great & feel great

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