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Summer Suit Essentials

By Mark Ferguson

Although the summer months tempt many of us to dress more casually, there’s no reason you can’t be well-dressed and comfortable year ‘round. This guide addresses three areas to consider when looking for a summer suit. First of all, a summer option should convey a sense of the season through its design. A summer suit should also be of a lighter color — one that reflects light and therefore retains less heat. And, finally, when selecting a suit for summer, make sure to look for a lightweight material that absorbs moisture and offers a great degree of breathability.

A Cut Above

When it comes to style, a summer suit should be a little more playful and unfettered than its more substantial winter counterparts. Go for a streamlined look on the jacket: single-breasted, slim-cut, and medium or narrow lapels. If you’re really feeling dapper, you may want to hike the hem just a little on your trousers... after all, it is summer!

Set the Tone

What colours or tones are recommended for the summer season? While no one would suggest totally banishing dark colors during warmer months — after all, you still probably have a board room meeting or formal wedding to attend during the summer — this is a great opportunity to experiment with lighter shades. A great color to start with is taupe. This tone is extremely versatile because it’s a little out of the ordinary but still very understated and professional. Similarly, a nice khaki, light grey, or light blue suit can allow you to be adventuresome without going all the way to extremes. (Note: We’d like to point out that even though the first thought that may pop in to your mind is a white suit, there are very few men who can pull this off!)

Fabulous Fabrics

Due to the rising mercury, choosing an appropriate fabric for the summer months is extremely important for your comfort. Perhaps the most surprising fabric for warmer months is worsted wool; its ability to absorb moisture makes it a wonderful choice for keeping the body cool. Another great choice is cotton. This material is quite versatile and one of the easiest to care for. Our final suggestion is linen. This lightweight choice is perhaps the most comfortable option. And with new linen polyester blends available, wrinkle issues all but disappear. In closing, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to suffer through the summer heat in your favorite winter suit. With a slight variation of cut, color, and fabric, you can easily have a summer version that fits your style.

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