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Dress Shorts – It’s Summer

By Mark Ferguson

The summer heat is upon us and so the right dress shorts have become an essential part of every mans wardrobe. Below we answer the FAQ’s 

What length? 
The current dress short trend is shorter (3 to 5 inches above the knee). I don’t why; this shorter length rarely flatters anyone. You can have some fun with this trend and embrace it if it is part of your personality and you have the legs for it, but if you would like a short that is a timeless wardrobe piece wear a length that suits you. Your dress short length should be determined by your height and leg length, if you are taller only wear shorts 0 to 1 inch above the knee. The regular gentleman should wear their dress short 1 to 2 inches above the knee. All shorts you wear should show the knee cap. Don’t be the guy who tries to bring back the ¾ short, it was tragic when they were popular. 

Which Fabric? 
The most popular fabric has by far been non crush linen, it is light weight, breathes and because of the small polyester content this fabric wears particularly well. Natural linen is also a good option; the linen brings a casual feel to the short which is essential for those weekend outings. Cottons and light weight wool work but are not preferable. 

Which colour? 
Tan is the obvious choice because it works with almost everything but don’t be afraid to try light blues, greys and white. Light blue looks fantastic with any white and blue shirt combination. Light and dark grey also works with white and blue but also your purple and pinks. Quick note: Pink or yellow linens are obtainable for the bold. 

Should your shorts have belt loops? 
Belt loops are for the gentlemen who wear their shirts tucked. No belt loops are for gentlemen who wear their shirts un-tucked. Recently, designer shorts have featured different coloured waistbands which give your dress shorts a point of difference. 

Cuff or no cuff?
A cuff slightly formalises the short leading them to become a dress short. No cuff is casual and in my view leaves the shorts looking unfinished. 

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