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Style Icon

By Mark Ferguson

Everyone should have a style icon they look up to for inspiration and guidance. With social media now a days we can be easily influenced by what we should be wearing in this fast fashion era. If we take a step back and look at some true style icons from perhaps, a more simpler time where comparing ones style to another rarely happened.

Take Steve McQueen, a style icon from the 50s through to the 80s. Named the ‘King of Cool’ he emulated the laid back style of the weekend mastering that fine line of being smart enough for a multitude of occasions.
Denim and leather, the key looks that McQueen so effortlessly sported. He personifies power and confidence through everything he wears. Admittedly, is one of the few men who can look good in anything he puts on.
However, when McQueen suited up he did it like no other. He practically embodies the sentiments of strength, wealth and stardom. If you don't look as good as McQueen, anyone can embody those feelings in the perfect suit.

The key with McQueen is he knew what worked for him. Each icon has their way and method and they can all teach us something. For old school think Cary Grant, Fred Astaire. For modern day think David Beckham, Ryan Gosling, Jeff Goldblum. Find the one that feels right to you and try something new.

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