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Style Changes For Men

By Mark Ferguson

For most men, excitement, variety, and adventure are what make life worth living. Our biological makeup pushes us toward these qualities in our personal and professional pursuits. But when it comes to how we dress, most men are afraid to go out on a limb. For some reason, even the most daring guys have difficulty with incorporating new styles into their wardrobe. Part of the reason is understandable. Men’s style is less malleable then women’s. Many fashions for men are simply classic and aren’t subject to wholesale changes. Still, men shouldn’t use this as an excuse. There’s always room for improvement.

Perhaps part of the resistance is the fact that guys tend to make fun of their friends every chance they get. Many see being bold with fashion as a sure-fire way to set themselves up for endless ribbing from their mates. However, with some careful planning, you may be able to up your fashion game and get noticed for all the right reasons.

Start with a New Accessory

A great way to start your transformation is through the use of accessories. They are often less expensive than the main pieces of a wardrobe, and they can be used sparingly until they are a full part of your style. There are many options. Watches are the classic men’s status accessory, but other items like hats can add some style without breaking the bank. Another subtle accessory would be adding a pocket square to your suit or sports jacket. If you already use pocket squares, then go without on occasion. You can’t go wrong either way. The key is doing something out of your comfort zone every once in a while.

Same Cut, Different Colour

Another sneaky way to add some style to your wardrobe is to keep your current cut but add some new colours. Start by adding some understated hues. For instance, if your business wardrobe is mainly corporate navy blue, try a lighter gray jacket and trouser on occasion. Maybe even venture into shades of brown or Camel for the upcoming Winter season. Adding in colours such as these can broaden your fashion horizons without drawing as much attention as more extreme colours. Keeping the same cut will help you pull it off because you will remain confident that the suit fits your body style.

As you can see, the trick for men is to get noticed without being “noticed.”

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