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Spring Time = Spring Carnival

By Mark Ferguson

Spring is here and it is time to put your best fashion foot forward. So it's time to start planning those spring racing outfits. The years trends come to play and the Spring Carnival is the perfect time to present the bolder side of personal style. With men's fashion in the lime light more than ever before this should hopefully breed new confidence into taking stylish risks. Experiment with colours, prints and textures. 

What to do 

-          Buy a suit that has a lustre and it is not your everyday work suit. 

-          This year is about texture, you can’t have too much texture. 

-          Look to wear a hat, it adds so much to your outfit. 

-          Colours of Spring are Primrose Yellow (Grey based yellow), Kale, Lapis Blue, Fuchsia to name a few                     (noting these can and should be used as accents) 

-          Look at Greys instead of Blue as the predominant colour of your suit. 

-          Have some fun with your shoes, there are good custom made options. 

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