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Spring Racing Carnival

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Caulfield Cup – 19th October

A jacket and tie are still essential, but it is not necessary to wear a suit. Chinos and a jacket are more than acceptable. (Jeans are never acceptable.) Of course navy sports jacket will be popular but don’t be afraid to choose a different colour like a dark olive or dark tan. Choose a pattern shirt to change it up from the white shirt. A cotton or textured tie/bow tie will work. (Flower – White Rose)

Derby Day – 2nd November

Derby Day is still quite traditional, so this means classic style with the colours of black and white, with the possibility of grey. Consider a contrasting double-breasted waistcoat, it is just that little bit of difference in the black suit. Also consider a double-breasted jacket to differentiate yourself from the crowd. A silk tie is a must. (Flower – Blue Cornflower)


Melbourne Cup – 5th November

It is still a necessity to adorn a suit, tie, and leather shoes. It is Spring so look towards your light navy, darker tan and mid greens. Look to use fabrics that are light weight and have a beautiful fall. Don’t be afraid to use linen/wool blends and use texture to create a more casual aesthetic.  Consider a knitted tie and always incorporate yellow into your outfit through the tie, pocket hank or socks. (Flower – Yellow Rose)

Oaks Day – 7th November

Oaks day, also known as Ladies Day, is associated with pastels and Spring themes. This is the race day to have a little more fun and show more personality, think statement jackets with bold patterned shirt combinations. An unstructured jacket should be seriously considered, without the shoulder pads they bring a more casual appearance and you will thank yourself, they are particularly light and comfortable. Consider a bold tie and pocket hank. (Flower – Pink Rose) 

Stakes Day – 9th November

Considered tailored separates and look at placing a lighter tan, off white or sky-blue jacket with a darker coloured chino. Suits are more than acceptable, just look for a more casual colour, structure and texture. Once again consider a summer tie in cotton or a knit with a cotton or linen pocket hank. (Flower – Red Rose)

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