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Sneakers with a Suit?

It is not only ok, it is stylish to wear sneakers with a suit. I realise this statement will polarise people...  It is like anything that is not quite the norm or expected, it has to be done with particular attention to detail. Here is a brief guide on how to do it right:

Pick the right occasion, your white collar corporate job generally won’t accept the sneakers. Consider a cocktail party, cocktail or semi-formal wedding or a Friday long lunch. If you are in a creative field, wear it every day...

- Your Asics or any running shoe for that matter are not acceptable. They must be a dress sneaker. Think Gucci, LV, Fendi, Wil Valor.

- White, usually is the best colour, the idea behind wearing a sneaker is to make sure it stands out on its own while complimenting the rest of the outfit.

- They must be clean to the point of almost spotless

- Wear a tapered trouser or chino with a shorter hem.

- No pinstriped suits, Window pane checks work well.

- Works very well with separate trouser and jacket combos.

- Shirt to be a solid white, baby blue or light pink.

Can any age do this? That is up to you, the fashion forward are doing it now and if you would like to be fashion relevant you will be seriously considering this.

Note - This is not for your everyday wear for the ''white collar'' job.  If you are looking at everyday wear your industry should be creative ie. Architect, IT start-up or Photographer.

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