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Rolls Royce Collaboration

By Mark Ferguson

Recently Wil Valor collaborated with Rolls Royce for the unveiling of their new Wraith Black Badge. The Black Badge 'emits an enigmatic force with an undeniable presence'.  We teamed up with V8 Supercar Champion James Courtney to wear our silk German velvet jacket for the launch of this sleek new creation. This hand crafted jacket is two-toned with a mauve base and dusty grey accent. Luxurious and soft to touch,this jacket personifies the Black Badge presence with its sheer power and sculpted perfection. Standing for the ultimate expression of yourself, this jacket will make your presence felt. We paired the jacket with a dark grey, textured silk wool trouser to complement the jackets lustre. Just like the Rolls Royce's Black Badge, we feel that possibilities should be endless and putting on a bespoke piece should make you feel like you can accomplish anything. This is a limited edition fabric with only enough for 1 more exclusive bespoke jacket. POA.

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