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Race in for a Perfect Fit

By Mark Ferguson

The season is cooling down and racing is at the forefront on the event calendar.

This is such a fantastic opportunity to invest in a new classic suit, like charcoal or navy. The beauty of bringing a new suit into your closet is not only the feeling of brand new, but the readiness of any upcoming events and knowing your new suit will it you perfectly

Have you considered revamping an existing favorite with a new shirt or a waistcoat. The waistcoat could be cut in a contrasting or complementary coloured cloth. Perhaps a few new accessories like a hat, shoes or tie pocket square combination will suffice to get you sartorially set.

WV Race Styling Tips

1. Attitude. A smile goes a long way as does a little step pep in your step.

2. A couple of solid punting tips if you're that way inclined.

3. Well-heeled comfortable shoes, who knows how long this day will end up or how long you will be standing.

4. Three-piece bespoke suit of course. Naturally here at WV we like to go to the top of the style stables.

5. Accessories can make or break the outfit. Avoid loud garish bling and colours and opt for smart, stylish accompaniments to your ensemble.


So, to turn into the final straight with your nose in front ,

Pop your head into our showroom for a hassle free

consultation and we will have you race ready in no time.

Until soon,

Mark / Founder of Wil Valor

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