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The high waisted trouser is circling back into fashion. Men are getting their trousers tailored to sit higher, imitating a more vintage era. The high fashion runway is surging with this high waist sensation.

The current runway examples of mastering that line between formal wear and casual wear is a major source of inspiration. More men are starting to appreciate the individuality that your own personal style can express which is why these new high waisted avenues are being tapped into.

Clothing should be made to compliment your body – even if you're not the fittest guy out there, there is still a style that can be tailored to your shape. Low rise trousers will always have a place in the tailored world but for those who want to be a little adventurous – high waisted is the way to go. As long as the lines and shape flatters your body and style – there is no reason not to bring back an old school look.

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