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Menswear Trends

Menswear has evolved quickly in the past 18 months. I will focus on 2 of the more prominent trends that will be here for the next 12 months or so.

Trend 1 - Casual Suiting – The New Level

I wrote an article a few months back about sneakers becoming more acceptable and mainstream with your suit. As mentioned at the time, this is not for the corporate roles but for the more creative industries and this is more than acceptable for after 5 occasions.

The fashionistas want to take this a step further and deconstructed the formality of the suit entirely. How do they do this? By taking the shirt out of the outfit. That is correct, their bare chest is on full show. Why would they do this? The simply reason is, this is  different.

Who would do this?

Guy Sebastian did it for Logies and he did it the right way.  In a red double breasted suit with the sleeves pushed up, a shorter tailored trouser with no socks and a loafer.

To take this step you must be VERY confident, you must have a clean chest (a hairy chest would look hilarious), you must be fit and preferably tanned. Double breasted is the preferred style as it covers more of your upper body.

For those conservative readers of this article, don’t fret, I am only giving people an idea of what is happening in the world of menswear. For those who love the idea, at least you know where to start.

Trend 2 - Release The Animal Within

You may have noticed recently animal prints coming into menswear. I have been watching this trend for the past 18 months. Initially, I thought no way this would take, but I must say I have found myself appreciating the rogue nature of the prints and their combinations. This is the modern version of the 80’s “clash’’ of colours and patterns. A leopard printed pant is not for the everyday man’s business attire, but it can be for after 5.

We are living in an era where showing personality and how you decide to stand out from the crowd is more important than ever. I often see people try the “Louder is Better” option. This is not necessarily the best option, your outfit still has to work together, even chaos has order. This trend is really the ‘Úp Yours’ to the rules and has a lot of attitude.

Most importantly, do your research and take the time to get this look right because it can go so very wrong.

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