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Men's Permanent Style Defined

By Mark Ferguson

If dressing well was merely a matter of wearing the latest designer’s collection or owning an expensive wardrobe, stylish men should be in abundance. The marketing ability of major labels and the limited capacity of most retailers to inspire, has lead the majority of men to follow the trends of fashion rather than create their own personal style.

Stylish dressing is an acquired skill but not as difficult as it may seem. Often left to their own devices men make mistakes, but they are often unaware of their blunders because there is a lack of access to expert personalised advice.

To be truly stylish you need to start with the basics. Dressing well starts with colour and proportion. When you take an individual approach to these two you are almost there. Usually a simple colour combination can make any man appear sophisticated. Anexample is the dinner suit, with only the use of black and white there is no other scenario that quite as easily defines a man as well-groomed and refined.

For most men, the proportion lines of style have been blurred. The answer lies in your personal architecture, not fashion’s ability to provide a trend. For example an important feature to consider for your jacket, is the jacket’s lapel width and the proportion to your shoulder width.

This subject is extensive and part of the Style Guides’ objective is to conquer the fashion misconceptions and develop every man’s personal style. Future articles on permanent style will follow in coming months.

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