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Make The Switch to Bespoke

By Mark Ferguson

The Finest things in life are works of art - a master piece, custom made to fit your lifestyle. Bespoke suitsandshirts are on the rise in Brisbane, Sydney, across Australia and other parts of the world. London's Saville Row averages 10,000 made to measure garments in 2011 alone. Custom made clothing businesses have rapidly been on the rise as a noticeable number of shops and artisans create unique tailored garments and accessories for men and women, alike. After decades of ready-made garments, people once again are starting to appreciate the true value of clothing and look beyond the sewn designer label - making a switch from off rack to tailored made clothing. Silvia Venturini Fendi, head of the accessories department at Italian fashion house Fendi, says bespoke garments, with their fine materials and high-quality linings and stitching, are meant to hold up for years." People are fining the true value of quality can be best achieved in bespoke. A bespoke suit is a perfectly hand tailored garments. Like an artisan's craft - materials are picked out of the finest suit fabrics, hand measured, cut and sown together close to perfection to ensure the highest quality and finish. A single piece requires hours of all out labor by hand. Thus, bespoke suits and garments are identified with "clothingexcellence" - top quality and first class perfect fit. While the tailoring process is about how suit tailors create garments with precision, care, and expertise, the suit style

and make is about you. It’s about having your suits tailored just your way, in such that it would perfectly fit your body shape with your personal taste and preferences listen too. If you’re looking for tailored suits in Brisbane, Wil Valor have thousands of fabrics to choose from and with the help of our style experts we will guide you in creating a perfectly tailor made suit. Wil Valor recently launched its 2013 winter collection –Gentry, a unique and luxurious collection of bespoke suits inspired by Scottish Tartan. Luxurious fabrics like German velvets, Italian wools, Swiss cottons were tastefully mixed with bursts of tartan paraded the night with English Gentleman’s sophistication. “The fact that Wil Valor is a bespoke menswear design house also means the garments are unique and I won't be running into anyone else wearing the same thing”, says Damien Anthony Rossi a TV presenter who favors Wil Valor tailored made suits. “But the best thing about wearing Wil Valor is the way it feels...and more importantly the way it makes me feel.”The man might make the clothes, but a perfectly tailored suit will leave you looking your best with skyrocketing confidence, ready to take on with the world. And when you want a high quality suit that can last a lifetime, whether you're shopping for that first perfectly tailor made suit or simply the latest addition to your wardrobe, visiting the right bespoke suit tailor sure is an addicting experience.

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