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Look Your Best This Valentines Day

By Mark Ferguson

Valentine’s day is here. You and your special someone might be thinking of a romantic dinner in a restaurant or a special night out in town or even a relaxed cozy dinner at home, which ever you decide looking like a real gentleman will surely make her feel special and cherished.

So if you're planning a Valentine's date, dress right for the occasion and impress her. Here are some styling tips that will send her the right message.

1. Wear a flattering Slim Fit shirt. Select a crisp white or pink (soft pink) - tailored button down shirt (pink send the message you are compassionate). Pair it with Jacket or wear stand alone with a cufflink for a more polished look.

2. Complete your date look by adding a blazer, dark neutrals like charcoal, greys and blues will frame your face. And make her even appreciate your eyes.

3. Get a tailored pants, maintain a comfortable yet sleek profile for your lower half. Whether you’ll be dancing all night or a romantic stride around the town make sure your trousers fits your perfectly.

4. Get dressed from top to bottom and opt for your leather pair instead of your sneakers. Footwear adds a statement to your personality. And remember to pick a belt that will match your shoes. Wil Valor are providing hand-made shoes from classic design to the bold and daring.

5. Get the right accessories - spice up your look by adding a pocket square to your ensemble. Find something that complements your jacket or tie with a soft, subtle pattern.

6. Look polished and smell good. The smell of corporate sweat is not sexy, so treat yourself with a masculine, sexy scent. Get your skin moisturized and your hair styled.

Flowers and chocolates are always appreciated but women always find a well groomed man handsome. Satisfy her senses by looking great, smelling great and feeling great.

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