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Wil Valor is looking for people who want a business in the bespoke menswear industry.

As a partner in business you will have the opportunity to style, measure and fit clients, network with passionate people & grow a business.

What we do:

We are a mobile service company providing tailor made menswear. We combine tailor made craftsmanship with directional style. We value quality and hold a dedication to craftsmanship and fabrics. We deliver personal service and garments at affordable prices.

We provide the brand, the products and the processes which support your success.

Benefits for Partners in Business


Well Rewarded – The fees are generous & allow for significant growth. 

Passive Income Opportunities – the online store allows your clients to order without your physical presence. 

Business Education – Through our experience and expertise your business experience and industry knowledge expands. 


Brand Recognition – We’ve been established for 7 years therefore through good will and marketing initiatives some leads will be generated for you. 

Proven Efficient Systems - the ordering process is made easy and this allows you to spend more time with clients and acquiring new business

Back office covered –You don’t have to worry about paperwork. The systems provided make your business easy to run. 


Choose your days/schedule – Most of retail requires Saturday and Sunday, we don’t. We encourage flexibility in your business life. 

Connect into passionate people – We appreciate quality, embrace enduring style and enjoy combining tailor made craftsmanship with directional style. Associate with like minded people. 

Connect into the Fashion industry (Global) - be associated with one of the leading bespoke labels. We have access to the best fabrics and master tailors through global networks.


Ready to look great & feel great?

Book an appointment now to get the perfect fit. Consultations are free. Meet our highly trained and experienced clothiers for an amazing experience. 

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