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Is Fashion Frivolous?

By Mark Ferguson

Mark Zuckerberg recently stated that choosing what to wear each day is frivolous. This statement is worth considering… 

Firstly, let’s look at it from his world: Facebook has 1.23 billion users. He is worth $15 billion but to look a little deeper into his persona, he enjoys not conforming, he is an immensely focused individual, and therefore anything that detracts from his goals would be an annoyance. 

I have come across many men who have or want to have a type of uniform. they want to only wear a polo shirt and jeans, a charcoal suit or white shirts so they can easily match a tie. generally these men still want to look and feel good but they want to just blend into the crowd. 

This thought process doesn’t work for the ambitious man. Mark doesn’t need to differentiate himself from his peers but most of us use clothing to distinguish ourselves from others. Clothing displays your level of capability, competence, credibility, consistency and control. So, is clothing choice frivolous? YES for Mark Zuckerberg. 

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