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Introducing.. EXEL by Dormeuil

By Mark Ferguson

Quality fabrics go hand in hand with quality suits. 

A well made suit should touch on the individuals sensory experience, including how it looks and feels. With high quality fabrics you will immediately notice the way it hugs the body, how soft it feels, and how beautiful it falls.

Knowing the characteristics and story behind suit fabrics gives you a higher appreciation of luxury garments, and opens your imagination to the fabrics that help create unforgettable moments.

Welcome to the new collection from the House of Dormeuil.. EXEL.

Taking comfort and luxury to a new level, the EXEL range introduces an easy wear, elegant fabric, which possesses an extraordinary level of comfort while allowing effortless movement in its wear.

Using Super 120’s Australian Merino Wool, EXEL’s super stretch quality is the result of a unique manufacturing technique which exploits the natural elasticity of the wool fibre, eliminating the need of synthetic additions.

The EXEL range is the Stylish international travellers versatile year round companion, who delivers on aesthetic perfection and unrivalled comfort with a timeless modern elegance.

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