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How to Tie the Perfect Dimple Knot

By Mark Ferguson

When wearing a tie you want a minimal amount of adjusting. The dimple or as some refer to it as the inverted pleat, should emerge from under the knot.

From time to time you will see gents parading the dimple slightly to the side of the knot. Personally, I don't mind this look as it gives a wearer an individual style. The dimple was originally designed to resist loosening and act as an anchor when the knot is tightened properly.

How to:

With the partially completed knot suspended from your neck place both thumbs just below the knot underneath the top blade (big end of the tie) with your forefinger resting directly above it.

Pull down on the tie briefly and you will find the tie will start to form a cavity and it will continue to do so as your knot becomes tighter.

Then gently push the knot towards your collar with one hand holding the knot and dimple in place with the other hand holding the bottom blade (small end of the tie) in place. You will find the knot appearing fresher and needing fewer adjustments.

The dimple with a smartly positioned knot projects confidence.

Let me know if you have any questions I am more than happy to help.

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