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How to get your wardrobe ready for 2019

Life is full and it can seem like every moment is taken up. On top of the priority list is family, work/business and so on. Your wardrobe is most likely down the list. What most people don’t realise is making time to organise their wardrobe saves money and increases efficiency. 

January is a great time to clean out and organise the wardrobe. If you haven’t worn it for 12 months it is time for it to go. (This doesn’t include sentimental pieces).

What else to look for during the clean out:

  • Discoloured and frayed Shirt collars – Throw out.
  • Stain ties – Try a good dry cleaner (They need to do the cleaning on premises)
  • Garment repairs -  (Get these repaired prior to going back to work)
  • Ensure each garment fits (Beware of Christmas cheer)
  • Shoes – Do they need to be resoled, polished or on their way
  • Holey Socks – Throw out.

It is amazing how much clarity you receive by reviewing and organising. It is about an hour of your time with much greater Return on Investment.


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