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Colours for Winter 2017

By Mark Ferguson

         In general terms black, dark navy, white and grey should be your stylish colour staples. When it comes to being 'on trend' for Autumn/Winter  you have a choice to make... Do you follow the northern hemisphere 16/17 trends or 17/18 trends? The southern hemisphere is in the unique position to view what the northern hemisphere will be doing in 6 months time.

At the moment,  you will see the colours of Copper, Mustard, Raisin and Claret among a few. If you choose the tailor made option you can choose from the 17/18 palette and you should look at Olive, Butterscotch, Dusty Rose and Deep Mauve. Most of these colours will be used as accents and
remember to only use the colours that work for you.

Your colours are generally defined by your complexion, eye and hair colour. It is of no use to be 'on trend' if these colours won't complement you. If you are yet to explore this world we offer a colour analysis service to ensure you are on the right path. 

You will recieve a colour analysis to the value of $300 when you buy a suit for the month of April.

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