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Channel 7 Talent

By Mark Ferguson

Wil Valor is proud to be connected with Channel 7 and dressing some of their TV personalities.


"What an amazing experience to be dressed by Wil Valor, from the first meeting with Mark, right through until the final fitting I received nothing but professional service. Mark has a great eye for fashion and I enjoyed talking to him about that, and on top of looking stylish, Mark is a bloody great guy who I can’t wait to catch up with again."

-Scott Hillier, Channel 7 Creek to Coast Presenter 


"Hi my name is Chris Parsons and work on a travel show called Queensland Weekender on Channel 7 as well as hosting Gold lotto each week. I met Mark Ferguson from Wil Valor about 4 years ago when my brother gave me a voucher for a shirt for my birthday. I then went in to meet Mark at the studio on Park Rd and was introduced to the bespoke experience – being measured up, shown materials and colours and introduced to the concept of picking what colour buttons I’d like. Well a week later I had in my possession the best fitting shirt I have ever worn. From there a beautiful relationship with incredible service and clothes began. I remember Mark giving me an outfit to wear the Jeep Polo event in Brisbane – he got me out of my fashion comfort zone by dressing me in lime green pants, whits shirt with lime green buttons and a beautiful navy check jacket. That day I had more comments than I have ever experienced in my life by a factor of 1000. It was literally ridiculous. If I wasn’t sold before that day – I was committed then. I never feel as good as when Im wearing a Wil valor outfit – whether hosting the lotto for a multi million dollar jackpot or addressing heads of state at a formal function or simply heading to a friend's birthday – these are the clothes I choose to wear because I know they look good. I can feel myself standing straighter, and feeling more confident when I walk into a room. I never knew clothes could create that effect…but I do now."

-Chris Parsons, Channel 7 Queensland Weekender and Gold Lotto Presenter 

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