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Can a tailor made suit enhance your future?

By Mark Ferguson

When you place a tailor made suit on your shoulders, you feel beyond good, you feel like you have just become a better man. Maybe you have, maybe by just wearing something that makes you feel good, you have become better. If an athlete feels great before a particular game, they play with more focus and abilityWhy can’t this be true for business men as each day is a new game? We attend job interviews every day, each new contact and potential client is accessing usquestioning…is this man capable of delivering what his business promises and do I believe him?  

There is a new paradigm which suggests we are the creators of our own reality. For a moment let’s consider this true (I believe this to be true)Why do men settle for just an ok suit or shirt when everyone is judging them subconsciously or consciously on what they are wearing? My theory is because there is a lack of knowledge and awareness about the degree of which clothing matters. Noting that 55% of your communication is nonverbal, over half of your first impression. So a tailor made suit and shirt can only enhance your credibility and persona, therefore creating a different reality to the ok suit and shirt.  

Wil Valor – Creating garments which enhance your future.  

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