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Blue Suits for your Wedding – Wear it Now!

By Mark Ferguson

Admit it or not, brides take up the limelight on the wedding but we believe that we ought to give equal attention to the grooms as well - of course weddings are defined by these two individuals tying the knot.   It’s a great opportunity to get dressed up and find a men’s wedding suit appropriate for the special day with the most honest intention to complement rather than compete with his bride’s ensemble.  

The color of the suit is the easiest way to lock in harmony with the bride and the occasion.  It’s the first opportunity to make a positive impression and set mood for the ceremony.  Black suits are classic and very formal, sometimes it looks unimaginative and stiff.  So it’s better to leave your black suit for formal affairs and funerals. 

Groomswear goes to a trend change, shifting from traditional wedding suits to more chic and updated wear.  Choosing the right wedding suit for your big day needs to be a combination of individual taste, time of day and style of wedding.  The current trend for grooms is to wear lighter wedding suits in less traditional colours.   Blue wedding suits gained popularity in the recent year.  While Blue is often associated with depth and stability, it also symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven – the very message you’d like to convey to your bride to be. 

Blue suits can be flat, so make sure to select something with some “life” in it.  Suit cloth such as barathea will absorb light, producing a very smooth, understated finish whereas a wool silk or wool mohair mix will produce a cloth which is more reflective.  Worsted wool is flat and smooth, holds creases and shape better and will be great for tailored men’s suit.  This can look very slick, and a little too modern, but will work well for a mod sunset-city wedding. 

Blues are ideal for all seasons and they work well with any skin tone.  Deep ocean blue and navy suits are great for men with pink or blue undertone, while powder blues or light blue suits with hint of purple or green complements warm undertone.   White and light blue tailored shirts are the easiest to match a wide range of tie and bow colors that complement your blue wedding suit.  Plus, you have little more freedom in choosing your shoes, blue suits match well with black shoes and browns like oxblood and camel.  Finding the perfect blue wedding suit with a sharp cut, right proportions and luxurious detailing will definitely help people see you in the most flattering light.

While Blue suits can be perceived as a bit more casual, current blue tailoring have spruce up your standard navy-blue suit out-and-out romantic presenting itself stylish, updated and full of life – Perfect for day you start saying “I do”.

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