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Our Process

The Fit 

Wil Valor provides a truly bespoke suit. 

We take your measurements, draw up your pattern then create skeleton baste or fitting mold. We fit you out with this mould so you get an understanding of how the suit is going to fit & feel. We also get an understanding of how the fabric falls on your body. Every crease has a cause. 

This fitting process is the most important step as it ensures we cut your suit cloth correctly. If the cloth is cut incorrectly no amount of alterations can fix some fitting issues. 

After we chalk and pin up your mould we create your suit. We then fit you out to ensure the fit is perfect. We are the type of clothiers who will alter your garments 3mm just to ensure it fits perfectly. 

The Colours & Styles 

We are fully accredited colour experts. We look at your complexion, eye colour and hair colour to ensure you receive the right colours to put you in the best light. 

Our style is adaptable and we hold a deep understanding of current trends, classic sartorial elegance and know when and how to push the boundaries. 

Our Understanding 

We create lasting relationships with our clientele and develop a deep trust because we care. We care that you get exactly what you want and appreciate once you wear Wil Valor you are effectively an ambassador for Wil Valor. 

We were established in 2005 and have delivered over 30,000 garments. 


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