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Vest / Waistcoat

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3 Piece Suits

The vest, first worn by England's King Charles II was to break away from the fashion lead of France. The vest is also known as a waistcoat and is traditionally worn underneath a suit.

The vest can be worn with or without a jacket depending on the occasion and how formal you want to present yourself.

Since our vests are custom made, they are made with the same fabric on the back as the front and without the strap. This looks like the vest is meant to be worn with out the jacket and is more stylish than the satin back.

The classic 5 button vest is always popular, but more recently there has been a push towards the lower 3 buttoned option. We also provide notch and peak lapels in both single and double breasted options.


View our wide range of fabric and custom designed vests & waistcoat in our Sydney & Brisbane Showrooms.

Tailor Made Vest From $297 

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