Care Tips

Be sure to use a reputable service. Choosing the wrong dry-cleaner can damage the fabric of your hand tailored garments.

If you happen to stain your garment take it into the dry-cleaners as soon as possible.

Frequent ironing is not recommended as it can make the suit look shiny and worn. You are best to get a steam press from a reputable dry-cleaner.

Resting your suit
After wearing your suit you should allow the garment to rest for at least 24 hours, which allows the creases to naturally drop out and retain its shape. Occasional airing in a well ventilated area is necessary to help remove unpleasant odours, such as smoke and will reduce the need for dry-cleaning.

Hanging your jacket properly
It is essential to hang your jacket on a shaped hanger. These hangers are shaped to follow your natural shoulder line. The fronts of the jacket should sit neatly over one another. Crowding of your garments should be avoided as crushing may occur.

Brushing your clothes
A natural bristled clothes brush is all that most garments need. The brush will remove dust which can accelerate fabric deterioration. Brushing with a stiff brush is best for worsted or fine suit fabrics. However, a softer brush will be required for woolens and other soft fabrics. Never brush in a circular or scrubbing motion, but use long continuous movements or short flicks in the same direction. A lint remover is also a good tool to have.