Chambray - A fine, plain-woven fabric with a soft finish utilizing a white cotton warp and coloured filling and found mostly in shirting. This cloth originated in France.

Warp - Yarn that runs lengthwise in a loom and crossed by the Weft. The warp yarn generally runs vertically in a cloth or garment.

Weft - A filling thread or yarn that runs crosswise in a loom or in a circle.

Bengal Stripe - Alternate stripes of equal width, usually white and a colour. They were originally shipped from Bengal, India and are mostly found in shirting fabrics. This stripe is typically a summer shirting fabric.

Madras Stripe - Usually a plain weave cotton for strongly coloured stipes, checks and plaids used in shirting fabrics. Originated from Madras in India.

Placket - A seperate strip of fabric usually sewn onto the shirt front or sleeve to secure button holes and provide structure and finish.